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The Basic Structure Of The Switch

Dec 18, 2018

The simplest switch has two pieces of metal called "Contacts", which cause the current to form a loop when the two contacts come into contact, and the current opens when the two contacts are not in contact. The degree of resistance to corrosion should be taken into account when selecting contact metals, as most metals oxidize to form insulated oxides, making the contacts not work properly. The selection of contact metal also needs to consider its conductivity, hardness, mechanical strength, cost and whether toxic and other factors. Corrosion-resistant metals are sometimes electroplated on the contacts. It is generally plated on the contact surface of the junction to avoid affecting its performance due to oxides. Sometimes the contact surface will also use non-metallic conductive materials, such as conductive plastic. In addition to the contact point in the switch, there will be movable parts to make the contact guide or not pass, the switch can be divided into the different parts of the lever switch (Toggle switch), key switch, ship type switch (rocker switch) and so on, and the movable parts can also be other types of mechanical connecting rod.