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Main Uses Of Switches

Dec 18, 2018

The main uses of the isolation switch (knife gate) are:

1, used for isolating the power supply, the high-voltage maintenance equipment and the charged equipment disconnected, so that there is an obvious visible disconnect point.

2, isolation switch and circuit breaker, according to the system operation mode of the need for reverse gate operation, in order to change the system operation wiring mode. 

3, used to connect or disconnect the small current circuit. The isolation switch can do the following: the bypass current that can pull and close the closed-circuit switch, and the grounding line of the neutral point of the pull and fit transformer, but when the neutral point is connected with the arc suppression ring, it can be operated only when the system is trouble-free; pull, close the voltage transformer and the lightning arrester;

The combined capacitance current does not exceed 5 of the no-load line; The triple isolation switch can pull, close the voltage at 10,000 volts and below, and the current is under 15 safety load. In the operation of the isolation switch should be noted that the line power transmission first with the bus side of the isolation switch, the back of the line side isolation switch, and then the circuit breaker. When the line power outage should first disconnect the circuit breaker, and then pull off the isolation switch. Can not carry the load pull, close high voltage isolation switch.