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Main Categories Of Switches

Dec 18, 2018

According to the use classification: Wave switch, band switch, recording switch, power switch, preselection switch, limit switch, control switch, conversion switch, isolation switch, stroke switch, wall switch, intelligent fire switch and so on.

According to the structure classification: micro-switch, ship switch, button switch, toggle switch, button switch, key switch, as well as fashion trend of the film switch, point switch. Classification by type of contact: Switches can be divided into type a contacts, type B contacts and type C contacts according to contact types three. The contact type refers to the relationship between the operation condition and the contact state of the "operation (press) switch after the contact is closed".

Switches for the appropriate contact type need to be selected based on the use. According to the number of switches classification: single-control switch, dual-control switch, multi-control switch, dimming switch, speed switch, splash box, doorbell switch, induction switch, touch switch, remote control switch, intelligent switch, card power switch, Bath bully special switch.

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