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Main Categories Of Circuit Breakers

Dec 18, 2018

According to the polar number: there are unipolar, bipolar, triple-pole and quadrupole, etc.

According to the installation method: There are plug-in, fixed type and drawer type and so on.

Product introduction a9/ec65 small circuit breaker: Lighting distribution circuit, short circuit and overload protection. A9le/epnle leakage Circuit Breaker: In the grounding system, short-circuit overload and leakage protection. Circuit breaker normal operation Fault protection makes the circuit breaker in the broken position when the phase line, neutral line are in the disconnect state, to avoid the neutral line failure when charged. In the connection and break operation, the neutral line connection is preferred, breaking lag. With short-circuit current limiting function, the rated short-circuit breaking capacity is high. With overload protection short-circuit leakage and voltage protection device, the protection function is complete, the wiring is convenient and reliable.