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Internal Accessories For Circuit Breakers

Dec 18, 2018

Auxiliary contacts: Contact with the main circuit of the circuit breaker and the mechanical connection of the mechanism, mainly used for the display of the sub-and state of the circuit breaker, and in the control circuit of the circuit breaker through the division of the circuit breaker, the relevant electrical appliances to implement control or interlock. For example, to signal lights, relays and other output signals. Plastic shell circuit Breaker shell frame grade rated current 100A for single-breakpoint conversion contacts, 225A and above for the bridge contact structure, the agreed heating current of 3 A, shell frame grade rated current 400A and above can be installed two often open, two common closed, the agreed heating current of 6 a.

The number of operational performance is the same as the total number of operating performance of the circuit breaker. Alarm Contact: Used for circuit breaker accident alarm contact, and this contact only when the circuit breaker buckle after the action, mainly used for circuit breaker load overload short circuit or undervoltage and other faults sometimes free buckle, alarm contact from the original open position into a closed position, connected to the auxiliary line of the indicator light or electric bell, buzzer, etc., Displays or alerts the breaker's fault-deductible status. The life of the alarm contact is 1/10 of the life of the circuit breaker due to the fact that there is not much chance of free buckle due to load failure. The operating current of the alarm contact generally does not exceed 1A.