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How To Choose A Switch

Dec 18, 2018

Market switch socket variety, mixed, so that consumers buy when confused, and switch socket is not only a home function supplies, but also the main parts of safe electricity, its product quality, performance materials for the prevention of fire, reduce losses have a crucial decisive role. Eye view: Generally good product appearance flat, no burr, bright color and its materials using high-quality abs+pc material, flame retardant performance is good, not easy to break. Some products on the surface although smooth, seems to apply a layer of oil, but pale color, thick texture, this kind of material flame retardant is not good, you can use fire to ignite how to test its flame retardancy.

If the light goes out quickly, it's good plastic, otherwise it's bad plastic. Hand Press: Good product panel hand will not be directly removed, must rely on a certain special tools, and the general non-mainstream low-grade products are easy to use the hand to take the following cover, resulting in home and public places indecent. Select with the index finger, thumb divided into the face cover diagonally into the endpoint, one end holding still, the other end of the hard press, the face cover loose, sunken product quality is poor, on the contrary, the quality is credible.