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How The Circuit Breaker Works

Dec 18, 2018

Circuit breaker is generally composed of contact system, arc extinguishing system, operating mechanism, stripper, shell and so on. When short circuit, the magnetic field generated by the high current (usually 10 to 12 times times) overcomes the reverse force spring, the stripper pulls the operating mechanism action, and the switch is instantaneous tripping.

When overloaded, the current becomes larger, the heat increases, and the bimetallic sheet deforms to a certain extent to promote the mechanism action (the larger the current, the shorter the action time).

There is an electronic type, using the transformer to collect the phase current size, compared with the set value, when the current is abnormal, the microprocessor sends a signal, so that the electronic stripper drive the operation mechanism action. The role of the circuit breaker is to cut off and connect the load circuit, as well as cut off the fault circuit, prevent the accident to expand, to ensure safe operation. and the high-voltage circuit breaker to disconnect 1500V, the current is 1500-2000a arc, these arcs can be elongated to 2m still continue to burn not extinguished. Therefore, arc extinguishing is a problem that must be solved by high voltage circuit breaker.