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External Accessories For Circuit Breakers

Dec 18, 2018

Electric operating mechanism: This is an accessory for long-distance automatic sluice and closing circuit breaker, electric operating mechanism has motor operating mechanism and electromagnetic iron operating mechanism two kinds, motor operating mechanism for plastic shell circuit breaker shell frame grade rated current 400A and above circuit breaker, Electromagnetic iron operating mechanism is suitable for plastic shell circuit breaker shell frame grade rated current 225A and the following circuit breaker, whether it is electromagnet or motor, their suction and rotation direction are the same, only by the electric operating mechanism inside the position of the cam to achieve the integration, division, circuit breaker in the electric mechanism operation, in the rated control voltage of 85%-

At any voltage between 110%, the circuit breaker should be guaranteed a reliable closure. Rotating operation handle: Suitable for plastic shell circuit breaker, on the cover of the circuit breaker to rotate the operating handle of the mechanism, the shaft of the handle is installed in its mechanism with the hole, the other end of the shaft through the door hole of the drawer cabinet, the swivel handle of the handle mounted on the door of the complete set of devices exposed to the spindle head, the handle Such an installation allows the operator to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise outside the door through the handle's handle to ensure that the circuit breaker is closing or tripping. At the same time, the rotating handle can ensure that the circuit breaker is in the closing, the cabinet door can not be opened, only the rotating handle in the gate or re-buckle, the door of the switch board can be opened. In case of emergency, the circuit breaker is in the  "closing " and needs to open the door plate, you can press the Red release button on the edge of the rotating handle seat.