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History of the Switch

Dec 18, 2018

"Switch" is an imported word, derived from the English "switch", the original meaning is "switch", the Chinese technology community in the introduction of this term, translated into "exchange."

In English, the verb "exchange" and the noun "switch" are the same word (note that the "exchange" here refers specifically to signal exchange in telecommunications technology, which is not the same concept as the exchange of goods). In the 1993, LAN switching equipment appeared, in 1994, the domestic set off the exchange of network technology craze. In fact, switching technology is an exchange product with the characteristics of simplification, low price, high performance and high-end port density, which embodies the second layer operation of the complex switching technology of bridging technology in the OSI Reference Model. Like the bridge, the switch is relatively simple to make decision information forwarding by the MAC address in each package. This forwarding decision generally does not take into account the deeper other information hidden in the package. Unlike the bridge, the switch forwarding latency is very small, the operation is close to the performance of a single LAN, far more than the common bridging Internet network between the forwarding performance.