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Function of grounding switch

Dec 18, 2018

(1) Normal working grounding when overhauling the line. When the circuit breaker is located on the line to be overhauled, the circuit breaker is in the gate position, both sides of the isolation switch open, in the sub-gate state. Grounding switch closing, used for normal working grounding.

To ensure the safety of equipment and maintenance personnel. 

(2) Suitable for static electricity, electromagnetic inductive current. In two or more common towers or adjacent parallel arranged overhead transmission lines, when a certain return or several lines of power outage, due to its and adjacent charged lines between the generation of electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction, in the power outage circuit will produce inductive voltage and inductive current.

Therefore, the grounding switch for this type of line. 

(3) Close the short-circuit current. The grounding switch with a rated short-circuit shutdown current shall be able to include its rated voltage at any external application voltage, and any current including its rated short-circuit closing current is closed. The grounding switch has a rated short-circuit shutdown current, which is equal to the rated peak tolerance current.