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Classification of switches

Dec 18, 2018

In a broad sense, network switches are divided into two types: WAN switches and LAN switches. WAN switch is mainly used in the field of telecommunications, providing the basic platform for communication. LAN switches, on the other hand, are used in local area networks to connect terminal devices, such as PCs and network printers. From the transmission media and transmission speed can be divided into Ethernet switches, Fast Ethernet switches, Gigabit Ethernet switches, FDDI switches, ATM switches and Token ring switches. From the scale application can be divided into enterprise-level switches, department-level switches and workgroup switches and so on. The scale of each vendor division is not exactly the same, generally speaking, enterprise-class switches are rack-type, departmental switches can be rack type (fewer slots), can also be fixed configuration, and workgroup level switches are fixed configuration (the function is simpler). On the other hand, in terms of the size of the application, as a backbone switch, switches that support large enterprise applications above 500 information points are enterprise-class switches that support switches for medium-sized enterprises below 300 information points as departmental switches, while those that support less than 100 information points are workgroup-level switches. The switch described in this article refers to a LAN switch.